Monday, 29 May 2017

Kraków Street Art

The most commonly viewed "street art" in Kraków are often splurges of graffiti relating to loyalties to the two local football teams - Wisła or Cracovia. Most of this is not worthy of any artistic merit. However, there are some truly praiseworthy examples of true street art peppered around the city streets that really are worth nebbing into. Below are some examples of the more noteworthy exhibits along with some more macabre, thought provoking displays inspired by the dark recesses of Kraków's past.
 Mural on wall in Skwer Judah Food Truck Square, Kazimierz
This mural is entitled 'Judah'. It was created by by Pil Peled who is apparently one of Israel's most famous street artists. It emerged in July 2013 as part of the annual Jewish Culture Festival. The image of the child represents fear, vulnerability and the inner child. The lion represents the Jews' struggle to survive and preserve their culture, as well as strength.

The images above are found on ul. Jozefa, Kazimierz outside Pub Wręga. They depict historical figures of significance for the Kazimierz district such as Helena Rubenstein (a former resident of the district), King Kazimierz (after whom the district is named). Plaques next to the figures give info on their significance.
This image is of Gene Kelly singing in the rain. Of course, he is "Happy Again" as he now resides in the wonderful Kazimierz district.

This stencil can be viewed on ul. Bożego Ciała, Kazimierz on the front wall of the Corpus Christi church
 Although this mural is not actually painted on a building, and is in fact a banner, it still qualifies as a top piece of street art with its undeniable message. Look on Krupnicza for it (just off the main square)
 This is one of the more macabre offerings of street art. It is to be found lurking in one of the few remaining buildings that housed Płaszów Concentration Camp.
 Kazimierz is definitley one of the most colourful districts in Kraków and this image of shops on Jozefa street illustrates this nicely
This art nouveau inspired mural first appeared in 2014 during the Jewish Cultural Festival. It was created by Broken Fingaz and commemorates the Bosaków family who built this building and lived in it for 400 years until World War Two. The inspiration for the style of art is Maurice Lilien, well known art nouveau artist and graduate of Krakow's Academy of Fine Arts.

 This more sinister message is found in the derelict buiuldings of the former wartime penal colony, the Liban Quarry. It is indeed, a message for us all.
 Excuse the language, but this image found on Bożego Ciała, Kazimierz does raise a smile.
The momentous events of this year are commemorated on the wall of this ul. Jozefa, Kazimierz building. The year the iron curtain came down with the breach of the Berlin Wall will be remembered for centuries to come.
Close to Skwer Judah, just off Bartosza, you can find this little gem,  Best seen with a car parked underneath it to set it off nicely.
Another Kazimierz classic found lurking down Ciemna close to Szeroka
Okay, it is not exactly art, but it is creative. This imaginative exhibit can be found to the rear of St Mary's Basilica on the main square.
Another image of artwork outside a Jozefa Street shop in Kazimierz.
This collection of artwork is a full view of one of the walls in the derelict buildings of the former WW2 Penal Colony - the Liban Quarry
 An almost Turin Shroud like creation from the same wall in the Liban Quarry

This little gem adorns the walls of the Jewish pre-burial hall in Kazimierz. It is found on ul. Miodowa 55, close to the entrance to the new Jewish cemetery.

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