Krakow is increasingly recognised as being one of the best places in Europe to be guaranteed great nosh. This is no mean feat given the level of competition it is up against. 
A simple browse through the listings and restaurant reviews in Tripadvisor is as good as any a place to seek out a top class place to eat. However, why not be adventurous? Krakow is increasingly offering a huge variety of different cuisines, venues and downright unusual quirky places to fill up in. Below is a review of some you might want to sample.


French inspired bistro on the Podgorze side of the pedestrian bridge from Kazimierz. This place is a real find. The food is inventive, reasonably priced and simply delicious. The wines are also excellent - even the house wine. 

The interior is laid back bistro style, but booking a table outside on the terrace in the summer is also to be recommended. No wonder this place has found its way into the Michelin guide.

ul. Józefińska 2 30 529 Kraków 


Polish/international menu with a modern twist. Bistro style decorated by sketches on the wall. Consistently good food, friendly service and a selection of reasonably priced wines. The pork loin, stuffed with prunes, in a cognac and peppercorn sauce is outstanding.

The homemade vodkas are also not to be missed. Usually the flavours marry with the season.
ul. Jozefa, Kazimierz, Krakow

Fancy some wild boar neck? Yum!

Zazie Bistro 

This is another French inspired bistro in Kazimierz. It is incredibly popular with locals so it is always best to reserve a table. 

The food is consistently tasty and although the mains offered change with the seasons, the old favourites remain the foundation of the offerings such as beef bourguignon, mussels and gratins. This truly is a brilliant little place but ssssshhhhh, don't tell anyone!
ul. Jozefa 34, Kazimierz, Krakow

Kolanko 6

From the outside, this restaurant looks very small and insignificant. However, it is actually a bit of a tardis, as by strolling to the back of the initial small cafe style area, an outside courtyard and gallery area are revealed. The menu is varied, excellent value and offers a fine selection of brilliantly priced cocktails. In addition, the extensive buffet breakfast for 22zl is superb. All of this is complimented with a wonderful selection of atmospheric music.

ul. Jozefa 17, Kazimierz, Krakow

Restauracja Samoobsługowa Polakowski

Okay, this place is not the most salubrious place you will ever dine, however, it has to be the best value. Polakowski specialises in traditional, Polish favourites served in a cosy, cafe/takeaway, buffet style of environment. Choose your dish, order at the counter and then squeeze into a seat. I can totally recommend the żurek. Although it sounds like it should be utterly repellent (soured rye flour based, with sausage added), it is delicious! You can also choose to have either a dollop of potatoes or boiled egg added. Scrummy! Who would have thought? I also enjoyed pasting my bread with the chilli and garlic paste adorning the tables, and dipping it into the żurek. What could be better on a chilly Polish winter's day?

ul. Miodowa, 39, Kazimierz, Kraków (another branch exists in the Old Town)

Alchemia - Alchemia Od Kuchni

This restaurant is attached to, and part of the Kazimierz legend, Alchemia. Attention to detail even extends to the condiments on the tables which represents the alchemy theme in the form of mini laboratory bottles.
The food on offer is varied. Smaller street food portions are offered with some tasty choices. The gourmet burgers are delicious (you always know it is top quality beef being used when you are asked how you would like it cooked) and the other dishes are never a let down.

The style is white tiled and funky.

5 Estery St, Kazimierz, Krakow

Chimera Canopied Garden Salad Bar

This a lovely covered courtyard to the rear of the cellar restaurant Chimera. It largely serves salads but there is also hot food, soups, cakes, beer, wine and a quirky selection of soft drink such as nettle juice. Salads are really imaginative and extremely tasty. Mains can be selected from such offerings as broccoli tart or cabbage lasagne (really tasty I promise you!).
The seating is very pleasant and the decor varies with the seasons - expect pumpkin lanterns in October etc.
For the salad bar, food is served in either a small plate (4 portions for 12zl) or a large plate (6 portions).

 Chimera salad bar

ul. Sw Anny

Moo Moo Steak and Burger Club

The beef and burger craze sweeping the western world has not bypassed Krakow with many places offering top notch, juicy, quality patties. However, one place seems to be attracting the attention of the critics and that is Moo Moo Steak and Burger Club. Initial impressions of this place is that it appears to be upmarket and exclusive, However, in actual fact, it is great value. Angus steaks and burgers with delicious home made sauces are not the only offerings. Fish dishes and yummy deserts can also be savoured. Moo Moo is definitely to be recommended.
ul. Świętego Krzyża 15

Nine Kitchen

This place, on the face of it, seems to be a sushi restaurant. However, in addition to top quality sushi made from fresh ingredients, it also offers some inventive sushi fusions, main dishes hot or cold, and salads. Everything is purchased from local suppliers and there is enough variety in the menu to keep you coming back to sample more and more. Great, affordable dishes which sets it apart from many of its rivals. Oh, and don't miss out on trying the Asian beers.
Ul. Miodowa 9

Nova Krova

These people know their burgers having had experience in the meat side of this market for a number of years. However, this is the first 100% vegan place in the whole of Krakow. It gives the burger fanatic the chance to build your own tasty burger [choose from bulgar, beans, tofu, falafel and a lot of their friends], with associated toppings, to gorge on, totally guilt free! What is not to like here?
Not only does it serve tasty veggie burgers, it also offers soups, fresh fruit smoothies and other dishes constructed from imaginative combinations of nuts, whole grains and other healthy combos. Vegan breakfasts are also on offer every Sunday morning.
Pl. Wolnica 12


If you are after authentic Italian pizza - look no further. With this place being a member of the Italian Association of True Neapolitan Pizza [AVPN] you are in good hands. Pizzas are prepared according to true, traditional Neapolitan recipes with fresh ingredients and baked in a proper, wood fired, Italian hand built oven. Limited but scrummy menu. Best to book because of its popularity.
Krakowska 27


If you like your Middle Eastern influenced scran, this is a good option. Humus, babaganoush, muhammarah, tagine, kefta, kebabs and mezze sets abound in bright surroundings. Food here is fresh and this place is very handy for all the other Kazimierz hot spots.
Szeroka Street 2 / Miodowa Street 41

Bottiglieria 1881

This place exudes class. Initial impression is that this is a wine bar. However, it has also acquired excellence awards for its cuisine. 450 different wines are on offer. Sample them with the daily tapas specials or choose from the small menu for more substantial dishes. Set in an old Kazimierz wine cellar restored after more than 100 years, this offers a truly authentic, high quality experience.
ul. Bocheńska 5

How about trying eating something completely different when visiting Krakow? Like many places across Europe, the city has a blossoming food truck culture where aspiring chefs are pedalling their innovative cuisine. There are an increasing number of venues in which to experience this culinary phenomenon in fun, bohemian, decorative surroundings bringing colour to urban gap sites.

Judah Food Truck Square - otherwise known as Skwer Judah

This a really cool place to sample grub from the varying tenants. Named after the huge gable end mural (see Kazimierz page for more info on this), try out Belgian fries, chimney cake, gourmet burgers, baked potatoes, extensive menus involving pulled pork and much more. The "Maczanka" from "Andrus Food Truck" in particular is grabbing the attention of the culinary experts. Relax sitting on the assortment of bottle crates, beach chairs and palettes. Run out of cash? Don't worry, there is even a handy bankomat.
św. Wawrzyńca 16

Izaak Square

Another food truck square is found nestling in the alleyway linking Szeroka to Kupa called Izaak Square. Beach chairs, crate seating and a variety of trucks offering anything from skewers, wraps, coffee and sweet Trdelnik deserts from Prague. Walenty Kania serves up a variety of meats or even sample Thai ice cream. This place has a cool vibe and is very handy for the Kazimierz revellers.
Izaak Square

Bezogródek Food Truck Park

If you fancy your food truck grub in a more green, garden like setting, look no further than Bezogródek food truck park. Located daily in a park off ul. Piastowska 20, this place epitomises the whole truck revolution for foodies. There is a big variety on offer here with the usual burger, wraps, fries type offerings as well as Mexican, chicken wings, ice cream and coffee. The usual scattering of deck chairs and crates are offered for seating. Eat well whilst lounging amongst the greenery.
Piastowska 20

Kiełbaski z Niebieskiej Nyski

Finally, we could not discuss food trucks without mentioning Krakow's original and ever popular, food truck. Located at Hala Targowa (Grzegórzecka Street), near the market and the railway bridge, this place serves the best barbecued sausages from a nyska van straight from Poland in the old iron curtain days. Two blokes in white smocks expertly sizzle their sausages (kiełbasa) over a wood fired barbecue. This place is legendary and most deffo is the best sausage in town.
Hala Targowa
Grzegórzecka Street

Plac Nowy

The rotunda in the centre of this market square in the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz is the place to be for the infamous zapiekanka. Served from serving hatches around what used to be the ritual slaughter house for poultry for the Jewish residents, this popular staple of the street food comesseurs is essentially a giant French bread pizza laden with your choice of toppings. You really have not experienced Krakow unless you have chomped on a zapiekanka in Plac Nowy. 
Plac Nowy

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